Safety, Education, and Awareness on Colorado Waters

September 10 - 14, 2011 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Annual NASBLA Conference - The national winner of the Boating Educator of the Year Award will be announced and recognized athe the Awards Ceremony during this conference.


June 24 - 26, 2011

Operarion Dry Water - is a national weekend of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) detection and enforcement aimed at reducing the number of alcohol and drug-related accidents and fatalities and fostering a stronger and more visible deterrent to alcohol and drug use on the water.

June 4 - 12, 2011

National Fish & Boating (NFBW) - a national celebration of fishing and boating. Coinciding with most state's free fishing days, NFBW occurs each year during the 1st full week of June.

May 21 - 27, 2011

National Safe Boating Week (NSBW)- is scheduled each year as the 1st full week before Memorial Day weekend.  NSBW is aimed at spreading a message of boating safety, encourages boater education, and helps saves lives.  The campaign produces a variety of safe boating information intended to enhance and supplement the individual campaigns that take place through groups, associations and organizations across the US and Canada during National Safe Boating Week.

May 21, 2011

Inflatable Life Jacket World Record Day - The National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) invites boating safety professionals, and the boating community to participate in Inflatable Life Jacket World Record Day.  Throughout North America, participants will simultaneously inflate their life jackets to set a new world record.


May 17, 2011 - Washington, D.C.

Safe Boating Week Congressional Reception.


2009 - National Association of State Boating Law Administrators Engineering, Reporting & Analysis Committee (ERAC)

 Charge Three

Report on Factors Associated with Fatalities among Children and Youth Boater Populations.


Complete analysis of factors specific to injuries and fatalities among high-risk boater populations, with a special focus on children and youth ages 17 and under. Issue final report. Explore possible development of content for 2009 annual conference session.


The ERAC charge team assigned to this project refined a work plan that had been initiated by the ERAC Special Risks Subcommittee in 2008 and that had resulted in an interim report on data challenges and initial findings. The FY09 team was asked to maintain the focus on variables identified in the original, FY08 cgarge, including the frequency and severity of injuries, accident scenarios, roles of participants, and, if data were to become available, exposure hours.

From Febuary through June 2009, the team reviewed the FY08 research strategy and outcomes; refind a list of critical research questions; evaluated existing statistical reports and summaries that pretain to the issue; determined the best methodologies and sources of data for researching those quotations; received a data set and ran the data analyses; and reviewed and summarized the results. This report documents work completed through June 2009 on the fatality aspect of this charge; additional work will be needed in the FY10 committee cycle to conduct research on the injuries portion of this charge.

September 26-30, 2009 - Corpus Christi, Texas

NASBLA 50th Annual Conference

This conference marks the kickoff of NASBLA's 50th anniversary celebration. The host hotel will be Omni Corpus Christi Hotel Bayfront tower.

June 26-28, 2009 - Operation Dry Water

Operation Dry water is a coordinated, national weekend of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) detection and enforcement aimed at reducing the number of alcohol related accidents and fatalities and fostering a stronger and more visible deterrent to alcohol use on the water. Coordinated by the National Association of State Boarding Law Administrators. Working with the states, the U.S. Coast Guard and other partner agencies. Operation Dry Water will directly address the National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic Plan strategy 6.2m . . . increase the number of BUI checkpoints to collect and report BUI and safety compliance data in the Performance Report Part II AND Strategy 6.6 Challenge law enforcement officials to test more operations to test more operators for alcohol/drug use in accident investigations.

Curbing the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities is a key to achieving safer and more enjoyable recreational boating. In 2007, Coast Guard statistics indicated that 21% of all boating fatalities were a result of alcohol use. This continues on an upward trend in the percentage of fatalities where alcohol was the primary cause of the accident.

The National Associate of State Boating Law Administrators is a national nonprofit organization that works to develop public policy for recreational boating safety. NASBLA represents the recreational boating authorities of all 50 states and the U.S. territories.


September 5 - 8, 2007 - Vermont

Annual NASBLA conference

June 2007 - Press Confrence for Miss Coppertone Commercial

The coalition of Parents and Families for Personal Watercraft Safety protested this June with coppertone against the new add with Little Miss coppertone. As you can see above it depicts a 3-4 year old riding a jetski as well as a dog. Yes, she is wearing a life jacket but the depiction of a young child operating a jetski is dangerous and irresponsible.

"My son's death on a PWC is the reason I am here to educate the public," Says Karen Steely. Coppertone said that the ads would be taken off air by july 2nd. "But the damage is done," says Mrs. Steely. " We need to reinforce personal watercraft safety. It's NOT OK for young children to operate these machines."

We would like to thank coppertone for listening to our concerns and objections. We greatly appreciate them for taking the ads of the air and believe that in the long run more lives will be saved with safety, education, and awareness.

May 5, 2007 - Las Vegas, Nevada

National Boats and Associated Equipment Commitee Meeting

April  21-24, 2007 - Dubuque, Iowa


March 27, 2007 - Lexington, Kentucky

Law Enforcement Commitee Meeting

March 4th - 7th 2007 -  San Antonio, Texas

International Boating and Water Safety Summit (IBWSS)

SPECIAL NOTE:  River Walk in San Antonio, Texas

From left to right: Karen Steely, Phyllis Koptyko, Anita Boles

Febuary 24, 2007 - Panama City, Florida


SPECIAL NOTE: Commitee charges will be finished in August 2007 will be voted on in the final meeting later this year.

September 24th - 27th, 2006 - NASBLA Annual Conference

National Association of State Boating Law Administrators

SPECIAL NOTE: Pictured left to right; Karen Steeley, Jen Iserman, Nita Boles, and Charlie Sledd. NASBLA award all three ladies with their Safty award in this years confrence! CONGRATULATIONS!

JULY 9th, 2006 - Appreciation Bar-B-Q

The Aaron Foundation will be  holding a Bar-B-Q at Boyd Lake (Loveland, Colorado). This is a thank you to all the people who have helped in promoting the growth of the foundation. Whether you have helped with our emotional, physical, financial, or legislative support, It has been greatly appreciated. Over the last ten years you have helped us turn our tragic loss of Aaron into a positive combined effort! With your conitnued support we hope to continue to make the general boating public aware of the Safety, Education, and Awareness that is needed to have FUN time on the water!

SPECIAL NOTES:  The steely family would like to thank those of you who attended the Appreciation BBQ. It was a wonderful day in remeberance of Aaron. Thank you so much for showing your support, time and energy in making this a day to remember!